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Church Growth – Andy Lawrenson – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Church Growth I see many “free” video courses pop up on social media about church growth. “Is your church stuck at ___ (fill in the blank with the number) and you want to grow past _____ (fill in the blank with number). There are a lot of church growth strategies and ideas floating around out there. Here are two ways to grow a church: (in my opinion) Step One: Faithfully SharingBecoming a Great Commission Community. Church members sharing their faith…

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Hurry Up and Grow! – Youth Ministry Christian Article

This is part two of a series. You can find part one HERE I’m the worst at waiting. When I’m getting ready to go on a trip I want time to speed up. When I’m in line at the fast food restaurant’s drive thru I want and expect my food is less that four minutes of my order. It seems the faster our technology moves the more impatient I become. Remember the old days on the internet. You would click…

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Summer Busyness and Balance – Andy Lawrenson – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Having served in student ministry for over 25 years I have learned something about balance and time. This summer youth leaders you will be taking students to camp and on mission trips, water parks, amusement parks, the beach, etc. Make sure you balance your ministry time and your family time. If you are single make sure to balance your “you” time. I have heard of churches hiring youth pastors, church staff, who are single because, “they will have more time.”…

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