Christ’s love

How Do I Know God Loves Me? – Christian Article

How do we know if God loves us? Do we know he loves us when we have a nice house or a new car? Do we know he loves us when we get a good job or good grades? Do we know he loves us because he gives us children or grandchildren? Or sunny days? What if we don’t have these things? What if things aren’t going well for us? Are we sure that God loves us? If we lose…

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There Is No Such Thing As An Ordinary Christian – Christian Article

You are not ordinary! One of the lies the enemy wants us to believe is that we are just ordinary and worthless, that we are not doing anything for the Lord, that we have no value to the Lord. We look around us and we see our fellow believers doing all kinds of things that we aren’t doing. They are going on mission trips, going into prisons, leading churches, starting ministries. And what are we doing? We are just going…

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The Most Unimaginable Thing Jesus Endured on the Cross – Christian Article

I cannot possibly fathom the physical pain Jesus endured before and during his crucifixion. Before he was crucified, Jesus was scourged. Romans would strip a man of his clothing, and flog his back, buttocks and legs. A Roman soldier would have used a flagellum, a whip of several strands, perhaps 3 feet long, and each strand would have jagged pieces of lead and/or sheep bone in them to rip open the flesh. Romans were not limited by the Jewish law…

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