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Simple Suggestions to Challenge Young Christians Toward Spiritual Maturity – Christian Article

As a youth bi-vocational youth pastor, I quickly learned the difference between teaching and training, especially when it comes to preparing the next generation of Christians to grow in their confidence and spiritual maturity. While teaching provides an opportunity to learn truth, training directs this effort toward a tangible challenge. Boxers and athletes train, for example, because they know a calendared fight or sporting event is just around the corner. We train when we prepare for a calendared challenge. While…

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Why Are Young People Leaving the Church? (Video) – Christian Article

The number of young people who identify as Christians continues to decrease. Why is this the case? J. Warner Wallace answers this question in his “Think Like a Detective”series on RightNow Media, the “Netflix of Christian Bible Studies”. If your church is subscribed to RightNowMedia, you can watch the Cold-Case Christianity Bible Study or the Forensic Faith Bible Study. You can also purchase the DVD set for the Cold-Case Christianity group study (it comes with a facilitator’s guide) along with the…

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Why We Ought Not Treat Kids… Like Kids – Christian Article

I started attending church in the second grade. I spent most of my childhood and teen years in youth ministry. I went to a few different churches during that time and saw different variations in youth ministry. As I got older, I also began volunteering on the junior high and high school worship teams, so I got a behind the scenes look at how things worked. On top of that, my father served in youth ministry  and I would tag…

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