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"Christian Mysticism changes religious thinking to spiritual thinking" – Christian Religion Video

The spirit wants to flow though us without constraints and when this happens we experience a spiritual high that is better than drugs or drinking. People take drugs because they think they are human beings seeking a spiritual experience. The problem is that we are spiritual beings that are dealing with a human experience so we don’t need physical drugs. source

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Do My Doubts Mean I Am Not a True Christian? – Christian Religion Video

It is one thing to doubt, it’s another thing to be a doubter. Watch here as Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez discuss doubt and belief. For the full episode subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or listen at Do you have questions you want to be answered on the program, call us at: 1-833-843-2673 Full episode on the website: Full episode on iTunes: source

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Aim of Christian Life – Christian Religion Video

Through the words of Jesus and Saint Paul the video shows that the purpose of our earthly life is to become united with Christ. This is called Theosis, becoming like Him united with Him. This requires some effort on our part in cooperation with divine grace. It is necessary to purify our heart and conquer our passions. source

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Who's the Christ of the Gospels? Jeffrey Daugherty The Christian Whistleblower – Christian Religion Video 10% OFF WITH CODE: TCW10 VISIT FOR ALL OUR LIFE-CHANGING PARTNERS Jeffrey Daugherty, 20-year minister, Bible College graduate and veteran of over 100k hours biblical study asks Who is the Christ of the Gospels? FLFE gives you the best chance at UNindoctrinating Yourself. Live in a HIGH CONSCIOUSNESS frequency field. FREE TRIAL here, no credit card required: WARNING: Information here may CRASH your paradigm and cause SEVERE cognitive dissonance. Jeffrey Daugherty, former 20-year minister, Bible College graduate and…

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Why Did Muhammad Marry Aisha At Such A Young Age? | Christian Prince – Christian Religion Video

Is it true that the prophet of Islam married Aisha at age 6 and had intercourse with her when she was only 9 years old? It was narrated from ‘Aishah that the Messenger of Allah married her when she was six years old, and consummated the marriage with her when she was nine. Grade: Sahih (Darussalam) ► Jabir reported that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) saw a woman, and so he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning a leather…

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