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Who Else Needs Wholesome Kids’ TV Shows for Holiday Breaks? – Christian Article

With Fall break and Thanksgiving break coming soon, kids will have more free time on their hands. Wouldn’t it be great to give them wholesome, faith-based kids’ tv shows to watch in their spare time? With Faithlife TV Plus, you have a wealth of Christian cartoons, movies, and shows created just for kids—accessible from any device. There’s even a kid’s mode so they can easily find their favorite shows. Be sure to check out the animated series, Ryan Defrates: Secret…

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Wednesday Connect | Thinking Out Loud

So here’s a question for you: Why do the authors so intent on helping me solve my financial problems only publish their books in hardcover? Just a reminder that this blog uses cookies to keep the writer awake after 11:00 PM. Here’s your week’s worth of items culled from a variety of sources. ♦ An old format meets today’s technology in a Bible commentary in pictures: “The Visual Commentary on Scripture (VCS) [is] a freely accessible online publication that provides…

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