Christian hypocrisy

Quick Shot Responses to “All God expects of us is sincerity” (Cold-Case Christianity S5E11) – Christian Article

In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner offers a number of brief, rhetorically powerful responses to the objection: “All God expects of us is sincerity.” Isn’t our effort enough to please God? These Quick Shot responses are designed to help you remove intellectual obstacles when talking about God with your friends and family members. They are also available on the Cold-Case Christianity Phone App so you can access them as you are interacting with others. Be sure…

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Quick Shot: “Christian hypocrisy proves Christianity is false” – Christian Article

Our “Quick Shot” series offers brief answers to common objections to the Christian worldview. Each response is limited to one paragraph. These responses are designed to (1) answer the objection as concisely as possible, (2) challenge the objector to think more deeply about his or her claim, and (3) facilitate a “gospel” conversation. In this article, we’re offering “Quick Shot” responses to the objection, Quick Shot: “Christian hypocrisy proves Christianity is false.” Response #1:“Does atheist hypocrisy prove atheism is false?…

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