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How To Read Bible Scriptures In Three Simple Steps – Christian Article

Many of us struggle to read the Bible because the contents in the Bible aren’t always easy to understand literally. A standard Bible translation comprises 3, 566, 480 letters. Those letters are then condensed into 783, 137 words and the words are filled into 31,101 verses, and the verses are packaged into what we describe as chapters. There are 1,189 chapters found in 66  books of the Bible and 66 books are divided into two divisions known as ‘Old Testament’…

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The Kingdom of God Bearing Fruit; Regardless of Who is In Charge

This weekend wraps up the ninth year of Thinking Out Loud’s sister blog, Christianity 201. Tomorrow (Monday) marks the beginning of year ten. My goal with C201, God willing, is to do what I did here: Ten years of daily content without missing a day, I wanted to bring readers here a taste of what happens there. These articles (yesterday and today) are being cross-posted with what’s running there. Col 1 : 10( NIV) …live a life worthy of the…

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A Morning Devoted to Un-Truths

This weekend I’ve been cross-posting articles from Christianity 201, as that blog begins year ten today. It seemed only fitting to go back one last time for this article, appropriate to April Fool’s Day. For much of the morning, in some parts of the world, people made (or are still making) outrageous, preposterous or untrue statements; waited a few seconds; followed by, “April Fools!” No doubt online there were false news stories, manipulated photos, and skillfully edited videos. In most…

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