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3 Ways To Maximize Weekend Services In Your Ministry – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

As a big football fan, I love Fall when the NFL finally kicks off (go Chargers!). Not only do I enjoy watching the games, but I love the excitement, anticipation and, yes, wondering how my fantasy football teams will fare. I’m always glued to FanDuel’s fantasy football news. Every weekend is filled with excitement and anticipation. Weekends are “game time” for those of us in ministry, too. It’s when most of our planning, preparation & potential all come together, not…

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Summer Missions Component with Your VBS – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Vacation Bible School is just around the corner. Hopefully you are well into the planning and preparation. There is always so much to do! Find volunteers. Prepare the spaces Create the decorations. Find volunteers. Gather the supplies. Train the team. Find volunteers. Communicate with other staff. Create promotional materials and get the word out. And did I mention finding volunteers??? So. Much. To. Do!! And this doesn’t even begin to speak to everything that needs to be done. If you’ve…

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Your Children’s Ministry Summer Reading List (and Giveaway!) – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Summertime is fast approaching and, while summer can often be a very busy season, it can also be a great time to catch up on some reading. For the Children’s Ministry Leader, that means taking the time to read some of the best books on leading our ministry effectively. Here are three of the best books we recommend that every Children’s Ministry Leader should read (all were included in our recent post called 10 Great Books Every Children’s Ministry Leader…

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