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There’s a Children’s Revival Coming! – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

The prophets have been declaring for years “a children’s revival is coming!” Are they right? And if they are, what would that look like? I saw a quote from Cindy Jacobs of Generals International a few years ago where she said, “I have been prophesying and prophesying that a worldwide children’s revival is coming. If I’m a prophet at all, it’s going to happen.” She went on to comment that there had been many children’s revivals at various times in…

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Is It Ok for a Child To Be Baptized in Water? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Is it OK for a child to be baptized in water? If so, what is the right age to do so? And what does the Bible say about this? The topic of child baptism is surprisingly controversial. As I travel internationally, I am amazed how many Christian denominations and pastors don’t believe in baptizing children younger than the age of twelve. Yet baptism is a critical part of every believer’s journey in his faith regardless of age. Infant Baptism Most…

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