When Is It Appropriate for Children to Receive Communion? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Since the practice of the Lord’s Supper has regained something of a focused treatment online in recent days, I thought it might be advantageous to focus on another important aspect of the Lord’s Supper–namely, how and when is it appropriate for children to receive communion? In doctrinally serious churches, welcoming the children of believers to the Lord’s Supper is one of the most important elements of the life of the church. It is also one of the most difficult and…

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10 Important Times You Should Be Praying With Your Child – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

It is so important to pray for your child.  Pray for your child when he or she is sick.  Pray for your child when he or she is facing a hard situation.  Pray for your child when he or she is faced with temptation.  This is so, so important. Yes, we should pray FOR our child, but you should also be praying WITH your child. Here are 10 crucial times you should be praying WITH your child. A faith commitment…

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Break Your Child’s Will But Not Their Spirit – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Discipline balanced with love is the key to parenting. From the time they were just a baby, one of our four children had a will that was noticeably stronger than the others. I can remember the days of them growing up and getting in trouble time and time again because of their stubbornness and unwillingness to conform. There’s one situation in particular that I remember quite well. Our child was about six years old at the time, and there was…

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