With Implications for Cessationism and Continuationism – Christian Article

This article appeared originally in Themelios 44/1 (April, 2019): 61-69. It is used by permission. Download PDF here. Download Logos edition here. Abstract: Speaking in tongues potentially includes three subcategories: (1) known language; (2) unknown language; and (3) language-like utterance—an utterance consists of language-like sounds but does not belong to any actual human language. Category (3) occurs today in charismatic circles. Given that the church in Corinth was permissive, it can be inferred that category (3) may have occurred at…

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Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship – Christian Article

One thing that has always been true of this movement labeled “the New Calvinism,” is that it has included more professing charismatics than practicing charismatics. Though from the very beginning many, and perhaps even the majority, of its adherents have been open to the ongoing miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, very few have lived or worshipped in a way that is distinctly (or even vaguely) charismatic. Though many of the theological leaders of the movement like Wayne Grudem, John…

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