Upcoming Debates, Tom Buck and Sam Allberry, Steven Anderson and Textual Traditionalism – Christian Article

Started off with some exciting news about possible upcoming major debates and pointing folks to the Travel Fund as the most important way of helping us to make this happen.  Then we looked at the fall out from the posting of the four-part series of articles by Pastor Tom Buck interacting with materials found on the Living Out website before turning back to textual issues in finishing up our response to Steven Anderson’s video on chapter three of the…

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Cultural Madness, Atonement Issues, Textual Traditionalism – Christian Article

A morning DL for us here today, the only program for this week. We started with some commentary on current cultural madness and rapid decline, including a grandmother bearing a child for her homosexual son. Then we looked at issues relating to the atonement, first in comments from Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon on the Mass, and then from William Lane Craig on the extent of the atonement.  Finally we transitioned into a review of an article by Dr.…

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