The Horror of Us Is God’s Judgment on America – Christian Article

**This article contains spoilers for Us.** Jordan Peele’s latest horror film, Us, is a multi-layered narrative that, for some, is a complex Hitchcock-esque masterpiece that demonstrates Peele’s excellence as a writer and director. For others, it is disappointing at worst, and confusing at best. Whether you enjoyed it or not, Us is filled with layered themes of social mobility, comparative economic philosophies, and equity that critique who we are as a nation and people, and from where we’ve come. The…

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When Ignorance Becomes Weaponized – Christian Article

There’s just no limit to bad ideas these days. And apparently, most folks are too busy or too distracted to realize just how bad they really are. As Jay Richards notes in his new book The Human Advantage, “Every day brings a new story of delicate snowflakes who mark off ‘safe spaces,’ denounce ever tinier ‘microaggressions,’ announce trigger warnings, and issue surreal demands for faculty to submit to seminars that resemble Maoist ‘struggle sessions’ in the Red China of old.” (See…

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