Responding to Nudges From the Spirit – Youth Ministry Christian Article

You know that feeling when your workday is complete? It’s time to relax, hang with friends, or just grab some “me” time. My day was over, and I wanted to go home and unwind. The Spirit had other plans for me… But as I drove home, I felt a burden to go visit Amy, a teenager in our ministry who was living in a crisis-pregnancy care center. Beth, the director, encouraged the girls to attend a local church, and several…

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Yesterday’s prayer is today’s calling – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); If prayer was a microphone in the throne room of Heaven, I think most of us would pick it up and yell, “IS THIS THING ON???”  Why is it we so often find ourselves at a loss, wondering if God even hears us? We cry so loud for God to show us His will for our lives… What school should I go to? What job path should I take? Is he or she the…

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Youth Ministry Is Not Just a Stepping Stone – Christian Article

I once interviewed for two ministry positions at the same time—a youth pastor role and a senior pastor role. I ended up pursuing the youth position, understanding it as the best fit in that season. When I tell people, I get a variety of responses from a simple “Great!” to “Why don’t you want to be a senior pastor?” A common misunderstanding about youth pastors is that they’re training for the higher-ranking position of lead pastor. While it’s true many…

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