california earthquake

Dreams and Rumblings of Hawaii and Nevada – End Times Christian Article

You are probably aware of the M6.5 in Nevada and the ongoing earthquake swarm in Hawaii. Mary Greely put up a yellow alert. These events brought to my mind a few dreams of note. In regards to Hawaii, Cindy by the Sea had a dream that featured Hawaii and I had a dream that featured a mural of Hawaii. Since writing the original post; Dreams of a Paradise Lost, that presented two dreams that I had and my conclusions, I…

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M 6.8 Rocks the Philippines in the Nibiru Large Earthquake Watch Period! – End Times Christian Article

At 1:11 A.M. EST on 12/15/19 a large earthquake struck the Philippines at a depth of 22 KM. It is being reported that buildings, homes, and highways have been destroyed along with electricity being cut off. May our prayers be with the people affected.   Large earthquakes have been occurring in a 47 day pattern. It has been theorized that this 47 day pattern of earthquakes, which matches the reported 47 day orbital period of Nibiru, is being caused by…

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