The Unique Ministry Opportunity in the Coronavirus Tragedy – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Thousands of people are suffering, sick, and dying. Many people are facing financial straits and dire situations. In no way should we overlook what a catastrophe the COVID-19 pandemic constitutes for countless people around the world. I have been in youth ministry professionally for fifteen years and another five as a volunteer before that; in other words, for this whole, young century. I want to tell everyone who ministers to young people — youth pastor and parent alike — this…

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Persuasion 155 | Silent Night – Christian Article

http://traffic.libsyn.com/capcpod/Persuasion_155.mp3 For most of us, Christmas delivers us everything but the Silent Night we sing about in that iconic carol. Our preparations for celebrating Christmas could rarely be described as heavenly peace. It’s more like earthly chaos as we race about collecting our gifts, visiting family and friends, and attending performances and parties. As we repeat the lines of Silent Night each year, it can spark waves of guilt: We know our lives—and our hearts—are not living up to this…

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