Business of Busyness | The CVM Blog – Christian Article

I was reading in the news that the UK government are expecting many of us to abandon long distance travelling and overseas meetings for online ones. In the wake of the virus and people emerging from lockdown there will be many changes to the way ‘life’ has been done.  With an expected 20% reduction on public transport, things are definitely changing.  As people, me included, have been forced to stop travelling and switch over instead to online meetings, the landscape…

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A World of Social Credits

Yesterday Uber Technologies announced changes to its ride-share system insofar as it is affected by ratings that passengers give its drivers, and the drivers give the passengers. It prompted the announcer on the talk radio station that’s on when I drive home to be reminded of an episode of Black Mirror in which every single interaction is tied to a rating system, including such trivial things as paying for your fuel at the self-serve station or picking up milk at…

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Designer & Disciple – The Jesus Pursuit – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); I have many entrepreneurs in my family, including my mom and dad, so I am always interested when I meet others who have ventured out on their own also. I met this “Mompreneur” through Instagram! Lauren Grier is a branding and web designer, and throughout our discussion shared with me her vision for the future of her business and personal life. What’s involved with branding and web design, anyway? I really didn’t know much about the…

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