Learn How to Disagree Agreeably – Christian Article

Imagine you’re at your favorite coffee shop. Everything about the place is great, except the tables are a bit too close to one another. This makes it difficult to avoid eavesdropping. Your reading tends to zone you out from the conversations of others, but not today. You can’t help but hone in on a conversation between an ardent Trump supporter and one who gladly voted for Hillary. It’s not the various arguments mustered for one candidate over the other that…

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You Need an Older, Bolder Friend – Christian Article

I invited Katherine to lunch that day because I knew she’d tell me the truth. I was pressuring my husband into a major financial decision—behavior I knew was wrong but was rationalizing in many ways. I needed someone to lovingly set me straight. Katherine didn’t disappoint. She is my older, bolder friend. Over the years, God has provided various older women as teachers and examples. In my 20s, I looked up to the women whose children I babysat. In my…

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