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Happenings: Favorites of the Decade from CAPC Staff – Christian Article

As the calendar winds down and eases from one year to the next, many of us turn nostalgic. We wonder where the time went and reflect over the ways we spent the past 365 days. Maybe it’s a matter of clicking through the photos we snapped or reviewing our goals or taking note of what we’ve read or listened to or watched or laughed at. Remembering is a way of marking time and seeing how various ideas and experiences have…

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Bridging the Thin Blue Line Pt 3 – Three Important Principles to Help Bridge Our Cultural Divisions – Christian Article

J. Warner Wallace discusses the growing racial tension (specifically in relationship to Law Enforcement) in this clip from his talk, Bridging the Thin Blue Line, recorded at a Truth for a New Generation Conference. Are there any principles we can adopt to help bridge the racial divide we are experiencing in America? To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist. For more information about strategies to help you teach Christian worldview to the next generation,…

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