The Dungeon of Bitterness | Devotional by Max Lucado – Christian Article

“When you are praying, if you are angry with someone, forgive him sothat your Father in heaven will also forgive your sins.”  Mark 11:25 Bitterness is its own prison. The sides are slippery with resentment.  A floor of muddy anger stills the feet.The stench of betrayal fills the air and stings the eyes.  A cloud of self-pity blocksthe view of the tiny exit above. Step in and look at the prisoners.  Victims are chained to the walls. Victims ofbetrayal.  Victims…

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Letting Go, Even When it Hurts – Christian Article

It was our yearly retreat and I had paid for an apartment where my family would lodge. I felt very disappointed when the lady in charge allocated a poor apartment to me, plus she was rude and reluctant to change it. In front of a few persons seated, I had made a big deal out of the entire issue, maybe because I had expected fairer treatment. We settled it eventually. However, there were checks here and there in my spirit.…

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