Bishop David Oyedepo

Understanding The Benefits Of The Anointing – Christian Article

Anointing is our guarantee for unending breakthroughs. However, it does not function in isolation. To operate effectively under the anointing, the anointed needs to be spiritually sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. That is what I call the law of divine signals. The law of divine signals is primarily the art of being spiritually sensitive. It is being led and directed by the Holy Spirit as to what next step to take. As it is written: For as…

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Unveiling The Enemies of Praise – Christian Article

We discover from scriptures that praise is one of the most powerful spiritual weapons that provoke the acts of God, yet, many are not aware of its potency. On the other hand, those who know are yet to experience the benefit embedded in it. We must understand that while there are several wonders in praise, there are also enemies of praise which stops the acts of God in our lives. This is because it is acceptable praise that works! Erroneously,…

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