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Why Did Jesus Speak In Parables? – Christian Article

Tweet Why did Jesus speak in parables? What was their purpose? Parables The word parable means to “cast alongside” something else, so Jesus used parables in His teachings in this manner. He would cast out a truth alongside an earthly story. Sometimes their purpose was to hide the meaning; sometimes it was to make it plain, but Jesus used parables as an earthly story about a heavenly concept. He was trying to explain the…

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Are Jacob and Israel the Same? – Christian Article

Tweet Are Jacob and Israel the same person or the same nation? Why did God change his name? A Kingdom Divided It’s easy to get confused over names, especially when it comes to Jacob and Israel. Sometimes they are used interchangeably, but at other times, it is specific to a person or a nation, and even more specific to some tribes in Israel. I’ll explain that latter, but for now, we need to look…

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How God Limits Satan’s Power – Christian Article

Tweet Since Satan is called the “god of this world,” how can God still be in control over his actions? The “god” of this World A quick glance at the news should tell us all we need to know about the state of this world. Violence, as in the days of Noah, is growing worse, but there’s a sinister minister behind it all. For example, the Apostle Paul wrote that “if our gospel is…

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