Bible games for kids

Tic-Tac-Glo – Christian Article

Instead of X’s and O’s, it’s pink and green rings. Teams take turns trying to make tic-tac-toe! It’s a great principle to show how sometimes God’s will requires us to think hard and reach out in the dark! Materials 18 glow bands of four different colors A clear playing area on the floor Objective Stack the most cookies on a fellow student’s face before time runs out. Preparation Connect eight straight glows sticks together in pairs of two. Then crisscross…

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Back to School Game: Ready, Set, Raring to Go! – Christian Article

This back to school game will help children realize that starting something new is a good thing, and when they start something new, they should go at it with all they’ve got to give! Materials • Two pool noodles• Four little racecars• Scissors Object To have the race car that goes the farthest and be the team to collect the most points. Preparation Cut the pool noodles in half. Introduction After the long and relaxing summer we’ve all had, going…

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