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Hidden in the Heart Activity – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Use this Hidden in the Heart activity, a bulletin board, craft idea, and Bible activity all-in-one, to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the elementary-aged kids in your ministry. You’ll need: cardstock, several colors of felt or other fabric scraps, lace, ribbon, leather laces, glue, scissors, staplers, puffy fabric paint, and fine-tipped markers. Valentine’s Day Craft: Hidden in the Heart Activity Make these hearts three weeks before Valentine’s Day. Have each child cut out a 6-inch wide heart from cardstock and one…

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Elementary + Preteen Bible Activity: Hope for the Future – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

During the month of January, celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” with children. Kids will create a classroom mural portraying their hope for the future. You’ll need: a roll of butcher paper, markers, and a Bible. Elementary + Preteen Bible Activity: Hope for the Future Talk with kids about the main points of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. If you have time, we highly recommend having children watch Dr. King Jr.’s entire…

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Over 100 Christmas Ideas for Children’s Ministry During the Holidays – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

God gave Jesus at Christmas because of love! And because we love you, here are over 100 Christmas ideas for children’s ministry! Enjoy! 9 Children’s Message Ideas for Christmas 3 Christmas Prayers Throughout this season, help your kids discover the power of talking to God. Christmas Candy Cane Story Use this children’s message in big church or your Sunday school class at Christmastime. Christmas Quiet Help kids focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Does God Give Us Presents? Use this children’s message to…

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