the Snake in Genesis 3 — was it Satan or Not? – The Outlaw Bible Student – Christian Article

As I get older and my knees hurt more, I use a walking cane to help me get around. I thought that a really nice one would be fun to have when leaving the house and going someplace special. In my grandfather’s day, he would have called it his “Sunday-go-to-meeting cane.” Since on our wedding anniversary, my wife and I exchange personal gifts, I thought I would bring this idea up to her, as our special date was approaching. “Mary,”…

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There is Something Strange about Jesus’ Death! What Happened in Matthew 27:52-53? – The Outlaw Bible Student – Christian Article

Jesus died–the veil was torn–there was an earthquake–and immediate resurrection of saints! The remarkable events recorded in some verses of Matthew 27, which occurred at the very moment of Jesus’ death on the cross, have been passionately debated for years. Scholars are ‘all over the map,’ so to speak, about what is really meant by this short description in the Bible’s first Gospel. (50)”Then Jesus cried again with a loud voice and breathed his last. (51)At that moment the curtain…

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What Kind of Christian are You? – The Outlaw Bible Student – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); This article is neither a deep Bible study nor one that unveils a mysterious biblical event. It is just a reflection of my own inner thoughts about how I look at religion and Christianity and how I observe and catalog Christians in particular. First, let’s have a short overview of religious beliefs and the many divisions. Some people believe in a god, and some don’t. Some really aren’t sure of what they believe, but…

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