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Babies Worshiping God! – Kids in Ministry International – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

You don’t have to search very hard on Youtube and the Internet in general to find dozens of pictures and testimonies about babies worshiping God. Now what do you think? Does it really happen? Or are all these pictures and videos photoshopped? And does the Bible have anything to say about the spiritual lives babies? I remember one of the first pictures I ever saw on the internet of a baby with eyes closed and hands lifted to heaven where…

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Can Satan Understand When We Pray in Tongues? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Can Satan understand us when we pray in tongues? I recently got a question from someone using my children’s church curriculum “Our Amazing God.” We have a lesson in there we teach the kids that we do not believe he can which is one important reasons we use for praying in tongues often. Can You Prove it? So one teacher wrote to ask: “Yesterday I taught the lesson that included the story about the Navajo Wind Talkers in World War…

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Is It Ok for a Child To Be Baptized in Water? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Is it OK for a child to be baptized in water? If so, what is the right age to do so? And what does the Bible say about this? The topic of child baptism is surprisingly controversial. As I travel internationally, I am amazed how many Christian denominations and pastors don’t believe in baptizing children younger than the age of twelve. Yet baptism is a critical part of every believer’s journey in his faith regardless of age. Infant Baptism Most…

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