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Every Logos Sale Ending at Midnight—Including Free Book – Christian Article

At midnight tonight, we pull down a number of incredible sales. Find links to all of them here so you don’t miss out. 20% off all Logos packages + free Mobile Ed Course Get your first base package ever or stack onto what you already have—no limits. And get a free course while you’re at it. Shop this sale. N. T. Wright sale Every book and course from the esteemed professor available in Logos—savings up to 30%. Shop this sale.…

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Only 2 More Days: All Logos Packages 20% Off – Christian Article

The final hours of the Logos package sale are upon us. Right now every Logos package is 20% off, with no limits to how many you can stack on each other. That’s great news for current Logos owners (see points #2 and #4 below) as well as new ones. Here are five quick reasons to jump on this sale. 1. Save on books through bundling On average, you save 90% on your books when you buy them as part of…

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