Barrel Aged

Creation Out of Nothing #BarrelAged – Christian Article

December 18, 2019 by Tripp Fuller Ian McFarland has recently returned to Candler School of Theology after a few years at Cambridge. Since Candler sponsored the podcast this week I figured it was a good time to bring Ian’s first visit to the podcast out of the barrel for your listening pleasure. Dr. McFarland is the Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Theology and author of a number of books. In this interview we discuss From Nothing: A Theology of Creation and…

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Sallie McFague on Loving God and the World: in Memoriam – Christian Article

Dr. Sallie McFague is a theological legend, a pioneer feminist theologian, and one of the most powerful thinkers in my own theological development. We learned that she passed away this weekend. Over the course of the podcast I have had the honor of interviewing her twice and since hearing the news of her passing I have received a bunch of messages asking for the interviews themselves. After I found them I started listening and remembering how powerful they were. I…

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Michael Welker and a Contemporary Constructive Christology – Christian Article

Who is Jesus Christ for us today?  Is there a way to even attempt to answer the question with intellectual credibility?  One of Germany’s greatest theologians, Michael Welker, is on the podcast discussing his new book God the Revealed: Christology.  In the book and on the podcast we discuss the quest for the historical, theological engagement with the natural sciences, the cultural shifts in the church, atonement theories, our shared love of Whitehead, and a bunch of other nerdy bits of…

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