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Cain and Abel Bible Object Lesson from Genesis 4 – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Sharing is caring! It is important for children to understand that sin spreads and begins at birth. Adam and Eve sinned, therefore their children were in sin. This object lesson about Cain and Abel from Genesis 4 will help children understand their need for a perfect Savior. Scripture Focus: Genesis 4: 1-15 Materials: book with scientific pictures of blood a glass jar water red food coloring Geography: Somewhere outside of the Garden Background: When Eve looked at the fruit, saw…

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Apostles on Trial – Acts 5 Bible Object Lesson for Kids – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Sharing is caring! When life is good, it is easy to thank God for blessings. What about during times of suffering? Did you know that suffering has a purpose? Use this object lesson about the apostles and suffering to teach children that thanksgiving through suffering produces the assurance of salvation. Scripture Focus: Acts 5:12-42 Materials: 3-4 tea light candles (number depends on the size of the vase or jar) glass vase or jar with an opening large enough to fit…

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