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Seeking Women and Men Avon Representatives 2018 – Christian Article

I am seeking Women and Men Sales Representative for Avon. Men are also Avon Representatives. You can earn 40% of your sales, fundraising opportunities, paid trips and have an estore. Avon paid an ad in the May/June 2018 Issue of Seventeen Magazine for Sales Representatives. Join my team of Sales Representatives. Visit http://youravon.com/angelarivers . This is Only a Snippet of a Christian Article written by noreply@blogger.com (Anonymous) Read Full Article

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Earn Money With or Shop with Me with Avon – Christian Article

Greetings, My name is Angela Rivers , and I am an Avon Representative. I would like to introduce you to how you may start your own Avon Business. Thanks for contacting us and your interest in wanting to join the Avon family. To get you started with your Avon business, I would like to extend this limited exclusive offer of a $25 account credit on YourAvon.com . This offer is valid until May 29, 2018 with the purchase of an…

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Half a Million Dollar to a 4 Million Dollar Biz in Avon what some of our Avon Reps are selling – Christian Article

It’s up to you to decide if this Avon business is worth working for you. A representative who sold over half a million dollars in Avon products without a store (brick & mortar) and she works a full time job to boot. Wow! Just wow Debbie Loflin! Amazing Alba Tabares and her husband and partner in business. They have more than a four million dollar business annually. Avon has wellness & health products, clothing, shoes, purses, cologne and shower gel…

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