Artificial Intelligence

The Tyranny of Technocracy – End Times Truth – End Times Christian Article

A new type of global governance is taking form, and it’s threatening to become a monster. It is based not upon traditional political theories such as capitalism, socialism, communism, or fascism. This new system transcends all previous political systems to create something far more dangerous. Instead of being based upon a ruling class operating within a recognized political hierarchy, this new system is based upon a technocracy, which uses high technology to govern countries and control populations. In this new…

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When Ignorance Becomes Weaponized – Christian Article

There’s just no limit to bad ideas these days. And apparently, most folks are too busy or too distracted to realize just how bad they really are. As Jay Richards notes in his new book The Human Advantage, “Every day brings a new story of delicate snowflakes who mark off ‘safe spaces,’ denounce ever tinier ‘microaggressions,’ announce trigger warnings, and issue surreal demands for faculty to submit to seminars that resemble Maoist ‘struggle sessions’ in the Red China of old.” (See…

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