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What the Church Can Learn From Toys R’ Us’ Relaunch – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

As you may or may not know, Toys R’ Us closed down all of their stores in the U.S.  I wrote an article about why I believe they had to shut down.  You can read the article here.  From that article, here are some of the reasons why I believe they had to file for bankruptcy. Lesson 1 – You cannot allow past success to dictate future strategy.Lesson 2 – The big box is being replaced with smaller venues. Lesson 3…

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7 Signs of Unchecked Arrogance in Young Leaders – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Let me start this post with two caveats: first, young leader, know that I love you. I’ve devoted much of my life to investing in you and sending you out. Second, know that I plan to address older leaders tomorrow, too, as all of us must continually check our hearts. If you’re a younger leader, be aware of these problematic signs: You’re seemingly inches away from giving up on the institutional church. I know the church is far from what we’re…

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Is It OK to Being Single? Here’s What You Should Know – Youth Ministry Christian Article

In our day, we marry later and delay starting a family. Through selfishness, some North Americans have written off the institution of marriage altogether and have decided on being single. In light of these realities, Christians rightly underscore the goodness of marriage and the family. But, on occasion, we emphasize marriage so much that we give the impression that being single represents a lesser state. It does not. It is not just okay to be single, but for those so…

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