Is Apostolic Succession Biblical? – Christian Article

Tweet Is Apostolic Succession Biblical? Is there still a line of apostles today that go back to the very first ones? Apostles When Jesus choose the 12 apostles or disciples, He commissioned them to take the gospel into all the world, and they did, however, many believe that there has been a succession of apostles down to our day, but let me show you from Scripture why that cannot be true. After Judas hanged…

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Don’t Mess with the Apostles: What I Noticed When I Read 2 Corinthians – Christian Article

The apostle Paul’s follow-up letter to the church in Corinth starts off very meek and mild. However, in the second half of the letter, his tone changes and he deal directly with the primary problem in Corinth. The primary problem in Corinth is that there are people undermining Paul’s authority and credibility. Second Corinthians is such a relevant book for Christians today because there are still many who undermine Paul’s authority and credibility. What Paul’s Critics Were Saying It seems…

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