Anime & Overcoming – Christ and Pop Culture – Christian Article

Comic book heroes have the same stories told about them again and again. How many versions of Krypton exploding or Batman’s parents being killed have we seen? And yet, our heroes are largely stable in terms of powers and character. If Wonder Woman today fought Wonder Woman from a decade ago it would be a draw—she has the same superpowers and skill level that she’s always had. For that matter, she will appear to be the same age despite the…

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CAPC Magazine Issue 2 of 2019: Illustrations – Christian Article

Letter from the Editor: Show Me What You Mean Don’t tell. Show. This is the cardinal rule of writing, a rule I was introduced to years ago at my first writers conference. It was scribbled across my writing samples by the reader assigned to review my articles. I also vaguely remember a snippet of explanation, something about my writing style feeling a bit like being pushed into the deep end of the pool instead of inviting readers to ease into…

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