3 Ways to Battle Bitterness in Marriage – Christian Article

Most of us knows the story of the Trojan horse. For 10 years the warriors of ancient Greece besieged the city of Troy, but the stalwart defenders withstood their advances. Finally, Greece gave up frontal assaults and resorted to deception. They made a great wooden horse, inserted a band of commandos into its belly, and withdrew. Convinced their besiegers had given up, and curious about the horse, the men of Troy dragged the great statue into their city and went…

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How Do I Deal With My Anger? – Christian Article

Tweet All of us get angry at one time or another, so when you’re angry, how do you deal with it? Righteous Indignation If you know someone who has an anger problem, maybe you should share this with them, but if it’s you that has an occasional outburst, remember, we’re human and even Christians allow anger to control them, so it gets the best of us. I have to deal with anger too, but…

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10 Great Opportunities Conflict Provides – Christian Article

I hate conflict. I hate strife of any kind. I hate arguments. I wasn’t in the debate club in high school. When I was in college I didn’t join the protests that followed the Kent State shootings in 1970 (I just gave away hold old I am). But being a pastor for decades brought me into all kinds of conflict. Marriage and family conflicts, conflicts between church members, and even conflicts with other pastors (really? pastors have conflicts?) I have…

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