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Andy Stanley Clearly Articulates the Premise of Irresistible

Andy Stanley Clearly Articulates the Premise of Irresistible Maggie John of the daily Christian television show 100 Huntley Street has posted a full, 49-minute interview she did with Andy Stanley, talking first about his famous father and his call to ministry, and then focusing in more directly on his book Irresistible: Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleased to the World. (Thomas Nelson, 2018) Some people have their minds made up about what Andy did say or did not say and that’s…

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What Book on Preaching Would You Recommend above All Others? – Christian Article

If a young preacher stepped into your office asking for your best book on preaching, what would you suggest? Before I go further, I ask that you would answer that question in the comments. With a little help, this post can be a wonderful resource for preachers looking to grow their craft. Here’s how I would answer it—not as the seasoned preacher, but as the young one. Below are the most formative preaching books and resources I’ve encountered over the…

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