Has the Great End Times Aliyah Begun? Updated 2x – End Times Christian Article

Aliyah now! I believe one of the major prophetic occurrences that will precede major end times events is for the Jews to return home to Israel. This “returning home to Israel” is called an Aliyah. We all know that this began in 1948 and Jews are continuing to return to Israel to this day. Just recently major Rabbis are calling for Jews around the world to make their Aliyah now. Major Rabbis Unite in Decisive Call For All Jews To…

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Will the Last 7 Years Begin on 10/19/2019? – End Times Christian Article

We are approaching a very important watch day in respect to end times Bible prophecy—a possible start date for the last 7 years on earth before the Millennial kingdom, which many erroneously call the 7 year tribulation. There are many data points pointing to 10/19/19 as a possible start date for this last 7 years, which will be explained below. But let me state right off, that if this is the start date, this is not when the rapture will…

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