A psychiatrist’s thoughts on pastors and suicide – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

The most encouraging ministry development I’ve witnessed in 2019 is the way God is calling so many of his people to transform ministry with individuals and families struggling with mental illness. I’m probably aware of five times as many leaders serving in mental health ministry compared to this time last year. The interest is reflected in the volume of requests our ministry team receives for training, resources and support. One organization I hadn’t been aware of until this past week…

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Are we “pro-family” to families from the church? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

I spent parts of three days in Colorado Springs this past week at a meeting for Christian leaders convened by the Center for Public Justice and sponsored by the Flying Horse Foundation on providing paid leave to parents and caregivers who are eligible to take unpaid time off under provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) but are unable to do so for economic reasons. I discovered during my time in Colorado that considerable bipartisan support exists in Washington…

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