Activity for preschoolers

Feed the Snowman | Mr. Mark’s Classroom – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

  Supplies:    Clear plastic container (an empty peanut butter jar would would great!)  Wiggly eyes  One orange pompom for nose, several black or brown pom pom for mouth  Glue gun  Cotton balls   Small tongs (make sure they’re easy to bend so little fingers can use them)    Prepare: Decorate the clear plastic container with eyes, nose and mouth like a snowman, using the eyes, pompoms and glue gun.  You’re done!  Instructions: This is great to help two and three-year-olds with their fine motor skills. Show them how…

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Punched Plate Lacing | Mr. Mark’s Classroom – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Supplies:  Sturdy paper plates  Christmas die cuts and die cut machine  Hole punch  Yarn/scissors/tape  Small pom poms for ornaments (optional)  Marker (to write bible verse)  Glue  Prepare Use the die-cut machine, being careful to center the die cut on the plate. Using the hole punch, punch holes around the design, leaving enough margin for the edges to remain strong.  Cut yarn in 24” segments and wrap one end with a piece of tape so that it will be easy to push…

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