Couples and Social Media Use – Christian Article

by Elias Moitinho, PhD, LPC-S, LPC, LMFT & Denise Moitinho, PhD You may have clients who complain about their spouse’s excessive use of technology and social media and how it interferes negatively with their marital relationship. We know that married couples enter counseling for a variety of reasons, and yes, poor communication, which leads to an escalation of conflict, is indeed among the top reasons.[1] You may have helped couples deal with more complicated situations, such as affairs, pornography, or some other…

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Hold on Tight! The Neurochemistry of Infatuation and Lifelong Love – Christian Article

by W. Jesse Gill, Psy.D. Do you remember your early days of falling in love with your spouse? With a flushed face, beating heart, and a mind that could not stop thinking of your beloved, you were drawn to him or her. You may have felt boundless energy, inspiration, and a reduced need for sleep on this thrill ride. Maybe you even felt a little bit high or “punch drunk” just being with your sweetheart. I remember those days fondly with…

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Addiction and Dependent Love – Christian Article

Depending on other people to provide you with value and worth.  I find it virtually impossible to engage in a discussion of shame, blame, and guilt without a corresponding look at the role of core beliefs. Core beliefs are what people hold as truth, most often, I’ve found, developed in childhood. The way childhood affects these core beliefs is explained in a concept called “attachment theory,” which involves the bonding — or lack thereof — that takes place between infants and primary caregivers. Core…

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