118 = 811 and 811 = 8/11 and 8/11/19 is… – End Times Christian Article

WWI Archduke Ferdinand License plate–118 On June 24, 2019, at the first meeting of the summer session, the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe decided to change the regulations, as a result of which the Russian delegation would be removed from the sanctions imposed on it by the Assembly more than five years ago.  118 PACE members voted for the resolution containing this paragraph, 62 against, 80 abstained.Almost a week has passed since the announcement of the voting results,…

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Beware of the Moon Going Through the Golden Gate: 8/11/2019 – End Times Christian Article

A very important day in the history of the world is upon us. In the near future the moon will cross through the Celestial Golden Gate flanked by Jupiter and Saturn. Now here is why it is significant; on 9/11/01 the moon crossed through the Celestial Silver Gate while being flanked by Jupiter and Saturn. As you will see the upcoming Celestial Golden Gate crossing of the moon has even greater implications for the Earth than the Silver Gate crossing…

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