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1446 | He Shall Justify Many & Bear Their Iniquities – White Horse Inn – Christian Article

PROGRAM AUDIO & RESOURCES According to Isaiah, “all we like sheep have gone astray,” and as a result we are full of transgression and iniquity. But all this is credited to the account of the one who came to bear our sins. And yet the suffering servant comes not only to take away our sin, but also to grant us his righteousness. Just as he was guiltless and was nevertheless condemned as a sinner, so too we who are actually…

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1447 | A Sneak Peek at our New Series on the Gospel of John – White Horse Inn – Christian Article

PROGRAM AUDIO & RESOURCES On this program, Michael Horton talks with producer Shane Rosenthal about the plans they have in store for the coming year. In particular, they’ll introduce the new year-long series that they are planning for 2019 on The Gospel of John. This new series will focus on reading this gospel in its original first century Jewish context, and will explore some of the debates about the authorship and dating of the book. More than anything, we hope…

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